Virtual Precision can provide your police agency, military unit, business, or YES, EVEN YOUR HOME, with a complete FIREARMS SHOOTING SIMULATOR SYSTEM. Our system can fit into most any budget. Our systems start at $9999.00 and go up to $29,999.  our packages are complete simulator training systems with video scenarios, shooting ranges courses, and includes an assortment of recoil and non-recoil training weapons and training mock taser-style devices, computer, projector, and screen. Larger packages are available with many custom features, as are smaller packages where you provide the computer and projector/screen. We can design a package that fits YOUR needs and we can sell any products a la carte. All systems sold can be upgraded at anytime. We have been in the business of selling police simulators and training weapons for many years. Our owner is a retired Law Enforcement Officer, Academy Training Officer, and Firearms Instructor. We understand the needs that you have for more efficient, cost-effective, and realistic training and believe in what we sell.

Besides Simulator, we also provide realistic force-on-force training gear like the StressVest (vest with pain penalty when shot), Shocknife (yes, it’s a knife that shocks you), and many other great training products produced by Setcan, the World’s Largest Supplier of Reality Based Training Gear for Law Enforcement and Military. We are authorized,and sell directly for Setcan in the United States.  We are dealers, or sell direct for the following companies: Smart Firearms Training Devices, Laser Ammo, Smokeless Range, StressVest, Setcan, and Ti Training. 

We are always available to conduct live video presentations and conference calls. We are also available for in-person demonstrations at our facility at 187 N. Main St.,  Massena, NY at any time for any of our products, We also provide in-person demonstrations on occasion at your location, depending on our travel schedule.

For more information, please contact our FIREARMS TRAINING SOLUTIONS specialist. You can email us at [email protected]
Please provide you name, email address, and a phone number you can be reached at and we will contact you to discuss options to help determine the best package for you.
Our office phone number is 315-705-6012, although we are on the road occasionally.  Email will always get you the quickest response.

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